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the state question is red or green, celebrating its 100th anniversary as a stake in the united states of america, protests all seven of our delegate votes for gary johnson, the next president of the united states. >> new york, home of the statue of liberty, cast the following boats, gary johnson 24, rice aid, carl pearson, one, and jim burns, one. >> the tar heels of the great state of north carolina respectfully cockboat -- respectfully vote hell no to amendment 1 and we vote rewrote -- 3 votes for lee rice and seven votes for gary johnson. >> mr. chairman, the state of oregon, whose government will not allow us to use it, cast one vote for karl pearson, 34 rice, an aide for gary johnson. >> the delegates from the commonwealth of pennsylvania, birthplace of the declaration of independence and the united states constitution and the state that rally kicked rick santorum's ass out of the senate casts two write-in votes for sam's loan, and enthusiastically cast nine votes for the next president of the united states, gary johnson. >> home of the independent man, rarely cast one vote for b
printing money. we need to slash spending and do that now. [applause] as president of the united states, i am making three promises. first promise -- i promise to submit a balanced budget to congress in the year 2013. [applause] that is not promising a balanced budget because congress will have to go along with that. but i will submit a document with a $1.40 trillion reduction in federal spending -- a 43% reduction in spending. [applause] second promise, i promise to veto any expenditures that exceed revenue. as governor of new mexico, i may have vetoed more legislation than the other 49 governors in the country combined. i have no aversion to be going -- vetoing legislation. [applause] i suggest to you that under those -- with those promises kept, that spending will be lower than any other possible scenario you can come up with. lastly, i promised to advocate on throwing out the entire federal tax system. no income-tax, no corporate tax, no tax withholding. abolish the irs. [applause] replace it with a consumption tax which i think from a libertarian standpoint sets the stage for zero att
to the united states. much of al-qaeda's activity evolves through its affiliates and many individuals remain receptive to the ideology. more work needs to be done. among the al qaeda of phillips -- eliot's, the one in the arab region is a particular threat. and card obama attempts have _ quite clearly the direct threat directaqap poses to its friends and allies. it has benefited from last year's political crisis in yemen and the paralysis that accompanied ed. in these circumstances, al qaeda in the arabian peninsula has been able to seize territory and hauled it to require resources and new recruits. yemen has held its election and the abbey people are taking -- and the yemeni people are taking important steps. this will not be a simple process. it may not move rapidly but as the yemen transmit corp. -- transition happens, we will contribute support. elsewhere in the gulf, in iraq, we have seen the persistence of another aq affiliate. iraqi security forces continued to confront aqi and have shown substantial capability in their dealings against this group. aqi has suffered leadership losses
of terrorist plot against the united states at this time. and also comments by white house counter terrorism advisor john bran none when clearly there was a device that has been deemed to be a viable i.e.d. that was intercepted by the c.i.a., how the administration can make these assertions that there's no credible plot? >> no, the statement was there was no specific credible plot tied to the anniversary of bin laden's death. that was and is an accurate statement and is accurate when it was made. the key point is that we will be taking all appropriate measures now that the plot has become public to make sure the aviation and the traveling public remain safe. we will be working with airlines. we'll be working with foreign nations. remember, the t.s.a. doesn't do passenger screening in foreign airports, they do that. so there will be and are all appropriate measures being taken. >> sounds like it was a parsed statement. >> it was. and it was for a good reason. it was because we needed to protect and are protecting how the plot was unveiled. anybody else? >> good morning. i'm not a reporter --
to recover. home prices are still enormously fragile across the united states, and more than 250,000 home sales are distressed properties. tight lending standards remain a problem, and we do not want to give a lender another excuse not to approve a loan. stoppages or shutdowns exacerbate the markets uncertainties. there have been 17 stoppages since 2008, twice the rate at lead the program. the national flood insurance stoppages and shutdowns have broader of occasions for the u.s. economy. nfip is essential to 500,000 home sales annually. 13,000 sales nationally can be delayed per day if we do not have this bill in progress -- intact. more than 47,000 real estate transactions were stalled in june 2010 for the 33 days that this act was not in service. over 16,000 homes and houses are in the flood plains in montana. over 660,000 homes are in the flood plains in louisiana, but more than the homes are impacted by this. the commercial, multi-family and refinancing -- all are impacted by the lack of or the uncertainty in the national flood insurance program. five-year national flood insurance re
ago when joe lieberman was nominated to be vice president of the united states during the election, that was the first jewish american on a national presidential ticket. but it was also a capstone of many things that happened before hand in terms of how american jews have been accepted into american society. when stephen breyer, several years before that, was nominated to the supreme court of the united states, nobody commented on the fact that there were going to be two justices on the supreme court. nobody said, oh, there are going to be two jewish people on the court. by the time breyer was nominated, it was no big deal, because that was the cap stone on a trend. here, too, unfortunately, we are experiencing a much more visible but a cap stone on a trend that has been building quietly in washington, quietly in political circles on capitol hill and is now coming more -- now become more visible to the american public at large. i suppose there is a blessing in that. we should try to find that. king solomon also famously wrote the passages telling us that for everything there is a s
readily take the orders of magnitude we are looking at in the united states and ascribe them to being shifted abroad. >> if i look at the unemployment, the spikes up we have seen, they would tend toward less educated individuals. how would they fit into incentivizing business to make sure those structures -- we've missed a lot of construction jobs. >> it not only construction jobs which are very substantial , but it's all of the secondary and tertiary issues. when you bring the level of building down by half, it has an impact on the whole multipliers. it shows up not only in construction, but in a whole series of other industries whose general level had been brought down by the fact that construction costs impact in consumption and other investment has been so profitable for us. >> how you propose we jump-start this? >> the first thing you do is stop doing what we're doing and let the markets calm down. the endeavor to actually try to support markets is counterproductive. when you have an unbalanced market, whether it's stocks, bonds, copper, zinc, whenever, the market will readjust o
of your united states marine corps reserve. we welcome your leadership and your support. the subcommittee's continued unwavering support for marine corps reserve and its associated programs enables marines to professionally and competently performed in an operational capacity that is greatly appreciated. with me today, and i asked them to stand up, are my to senior advisers -- two senior advisers. they epitomized the navy and marine corps team and proudly represent our services of marines and sailors to form the backbone of marine force reserves. [applause] the marine corps is as strong today as ever in its 236 year history. our marines have been doing what they do best since 1775, standing shoulder to shoulder to fight our nation's battles. i am pleased to report to you today that today's marine corps attend to its commitment as a total force. as such, they are integrated in all areas of the marine corps as ever before. since 2001, the required the reserve to be continuously engaged in combat operations in iraq and afghanistan as well as in regional crisis prevention activities. almost 8
forces in the united states today. without languages, the u.s. businesses would be missing $2.10 trillion in gross income. audiences create a growing need for language services. if you sell products in germany, your customers will communicate in german and your customer service personnel needs to be ready. you case -- u.s. companies must build language capabilities. acquiring land which takes time, repeated exposure and practice to develop. not relying on these needs has dire need sunday -- -- has dire consequences on the u.s. economy. companies are relying on less qualified translators. this is rendering their products less competitive in the global marketplace. the american workforce needs more key compotencies such as terminology, localization technologies, engineering, and multimedia. these skills are in high demand and continue to be sought after. government agencies are addressing the needs for language competence. we need cooperation between the private sector, government, and academia. language technology companies promoting research in language activity in key areas such as emerg
of massachusetts, and is now running for president of the united states. you may know something about his record of turning around big masses and solving complex problems. many of you know him to be a man of strong faith, a husband of 43 years, father of five sons, and grandfather to 18. you could know all of these things without ever meeting him. for the past six years, i have had the opportunity to really get to know mitt and anne romney. not as some people who have known them longer, but better than some in this stadium. i have been with them on the campaign trail from iowa to hampshire and michigan to florida. i have been in their home on numerous occasions. i have observed their lives in countless public and private moments. i have gotten to know several of their sons and their families. my wife and i have even sought parenting advice from the romneys because their record is so good. over the course of these years, we have prayed together and shared scripture together and talk about life together. here is what i have found. i do not have two better friends on this earth than mitt and anne r
that is what this says, the great seal of the united states is a sale of prosperity because it is the on the dollar bill in our country, it is the all seeing eye of god it is meant to be positioned of the pyramid. that i represent wisdom, health, i'll tell you what this is as tilbury, the beautiful pyramid that we set the eye on is the three dimensional, what is happening is this is the biggest value for your dollar. this looks like six or seven carats of diamonds that is so incredibly and intense. thank thank you so much, that is gorgeous. >>host: we have also sold out of the rest red jasper >>guest: thank so much everyone. >>host: w many do we have left? >>guest: all you are hearing about is allison, she said you should slow down because you are running out of products. how many colors are remaining? smoky quartz all sizes we only have a couple of the canary. >>guest: is a yellow diamond and beat smoky is we only c13 remaining of the prasiolite will also show it. the earrings also needs to be shown together this was my today's special a few months a t
time last summer. i found out it is available in the united states and black diamonds and is $5. it is sold by a very famous a italian jewelry designer. this exact bracelet on leather but done in 18 k white gold instead of sterling silver and done with black diamonds, exactly the $3,375. i wanted to bring you the version (...) thank you everyone so much! >>host: you have got to bring some of those ask about the butterfly ring what you're on phone lines. it is a great partner piece to go with it.that i bought chelsea one of your watches for christmas. >>guest: i know thank you. >>host: this one is available and has the evil eye in the center. beautiful white sapphire stainless genuine blue leather strap. this is gorgeous! >>guest: right now as the realism is the biggest trend. everything will be like (...)you will see lips and eyes on everything and this watch is such an idea of digging it's a real concept like the eyedo not know it is really an eye. if you have not been to the dali museum st. petersburg florida, it was one of the best experiences i have had in my life and i
to do it. about 20 percent of the computers produced in the united states are quad-core. and most of them are desktop models. pins on and go laptop has four engines and it processes 120% faster than a dual- core processor.that is upgraded computer, the fastest amd a6 processor. quad- core. if you do anything the web or you do a lot of editing you will have an accelerated internet experience and media viewing and the other reason you get a good media viewing is vision technology which means thevand a graphics processor are made by the same company by amd so they speak to each other more intelligently and that means6 c13 gaming and video and brilliant high- definition quality on everything you do. every time you look at this computer you will be gasping at the beautiful screen. hardware and the brain is designed to give you enhanced visual experience. and of the hard drive. they have become more expensive. last year there was a asia and it wiped out a large part of the world's hard tribe supply. -- hard this has the largest hard drive we have ever done an a today's special computer
Search Results 0 to 12 of about 13